Cross country or nordic skiing

Healthiest physical activity! Learn to ski run so you can start practising the most useful sport in the world.

Cross country skiing or Nordic skiing are currently considered the most effective and healthiest form of recreation. This sport is the most demanding aerobic activity that burns more calories then any other sport. This is because cross-country skiing involves the use of all muscles, the use of whole body musculature.

It is a sport and recreational discipline in which body in the most natural way submits effort of physical activity. In relation to the athlete's running hand muscles, the shoulder belt and body, are much more burdened because of the pushing with the ski poles.

It also enables enhanced respiratory function in the most favorable natural conditions, the pure mountain air and incomparably beautiful winter environment, and positively influence the development and functioning of your body. The soul leaves richer by one experience that you will want to come back to.

This is best expressed by the good old saying: “The healthy body – healthy spirit.”.

Basically, everything that applies to Nordic walking (see the nordijsko hodanje), applies to cross-country skiing, only that the load on the tendons, joints and back are even smaller due to the sliding steps.

Cross country skiing is suitable for all ages because of the possibility of adjustment of training and reliefing tendons and joints by using of the sliding steps which we mentioned before.

Cross-country skiing is becoming increasingly popular form of recreation for all age groups. It is also a competitive sport which is the standard of Winter Olympics since 1952nd in Oslo. It evolved from the need for easier transport of people and goods in areas that are covered in snow and it is one of the oldest ski disciplines.

First tournament was held at the end of 18th century, while today the competition in cross country skiing includes different range of track lenghts, sprint race, a few hundred meters, marathon and even a few dozen kilometers.Except being an independent discipline it is an integral part of the two combined sports-Nordic combination, which connects the cross-country skiing and ski jumping and biathlon, which connects the cross-country skiing and shooting.

Equipment for cross country skiing

Cross-country skiing requires skis, which are compared with the skis for alpine skiing but are considerably narrower and longer. Ski poles are also substantially longer than that of alpine varieties, as they must allow for efficient pushing.Ski berths in cross-country skiing allow you to pick the heel of the ski area, while the fingers are attached to allow the thrust pushing on skis.

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Small school cross country skiing 2h – 45 € *
(*) price of the “Small School” includes the use of our equipment for cross country skiing (skis, poles, boots) and the program is running on the idyllic ski tracks of Gorski Kotar.

Rental equipment for cross country skiing (skis, poles, boots) – 25 €

Discount for children under 14 years – 40%

“Gorski tok” snow weekend – 85 €
Day 1 includes a small school of nordic skiing and ice skating (ice hall in Delnice)
2nd day includes ski running and swimming (pool in Delnice)

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