Canoe / kayak safari

Canoe / kayak safari is organized in the summer months on a slower part of the river where the rapids are safe for those with no rowing experience.

On this tour you have time to enjoy the natural beauty of Kupa which has a rich diversity of flora and fauna, and its crystalline freshness provides a respite from summer heat.

For this water enjoyment we use a quality “sit on top” kayak, which are characterized by stability and make this trip suitable for both adults and children. The trip takes 2 - 3 hours and that time is used for paddling, swimming, jumping into the river, resting on the most beautiful parts of mountain river Kupa.

For those who love challenges, there is a “grbajel liana” that requires a little skill and fitness and gives us joy and adventure in such a trip.

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38 € / 25 € * (*) children under 12 years
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