About us

Gorski tok d.o.o. - a company for sports and recreational tourism is experienced in the preparation, organization and management of rafting, canoe safari, seakayak and lakekayak trips.

Long experience is guaranteeing high quality performance tour and satisfied customer. For our programs, we use the highest quality equipment and boats.

For rafting we use high quality “Marinar” boats (up to 10 people) made of “hypalon” material.

At the bottom of the boat are the ropes that contributes to safety when going through the challenging rapids and waterfalls, and that every serious rafting boat should have.

Equipment should also have to follow the quality of boat.

The same includes:

  • Neoprene boots
  • Neoprene long suit (for us Long John 4 mm)
  • Neoprene shirt, waterproof jacket or so called anorak
  • Life jacket
  • ...and at the end, of course, helmet

The same equipment is used for kayaking which is running on the rafting section with the inflatable kayaks for lower water levels. All equipment is visible on images with text.

For canoe - kayak safari we use high-quality and stable “dag tribal” sit on top kayak, which have proven their safety and durability of cro challenge races. They are suitable for navigation on rivers (slower parts), lakes and sea.

These kind of boats are unsinkable because they are cast in one piece, do not have a bed of soil and they can't be filled with water. This makes them one of the safest boats in general. The boat can accommodate up to 3 people, as you see it in the picture (below right).

Because the canoe - kayak safari is organized by the warmer weather we do not use pieces of equipment such as the “anorak”, neoprene shirt, and instead of a long, we are using the short neoprene.

At sea and lake kayaking equipment requirements is reduced to a few, so that all of the equipment shown above we are insisting on “life jacket” (referring to warm weather, while in colder we use all the equipment).

What you need to take on described above trips has been reduced to the following:

  • Swimwear, towel, suncream, laces for glasses, water in a plastic bottle, medicines - if you use them... certainly should be things that you take with you on trips described above.
  • The trips start every day in 10:30 h and 14:30 h.

In the end, we invite you to come to our “Gorski tok” where you will be actively relaxed, with recreation you will get away from everyday cares and replenish supply of pristine mountain nature river Kupa.

We'll make sure that your stay with us will be unforgettable!